bellababetta asked:

Smh at snobs who request a picture but their ass on anon.. Who gives a s%* I'm here for the story and let me tell you girl this is so good! Lexi is as dumb as they get!! Luckiest girl on earth my ass. Niño probs gon drop you for the next biggest bitch! Smh at hoes when they say the're in love but the guy ain't in his feelings tho! Can't wait for the next update! And wasn't Amaris preggers?

OMG Rite??! Im Hella confused. Fuckin Creepo. But Thank you :D and Yeah The doctor thought she might be but it’s not def. && And A lot of girls are very simple doesn’t take much to please them. Appreciate the support and feedback babes :))))

culinarybabygurl asked:

Love this story it is so good. It's different it's edgy and Raw and it has me coming back for more I love it. The entire situation that just went down with nino that was a twist and the fact that lexxi had a feeling but let it go after she saw her present was dope. It just goes to show you that some women will anything go over something shinny. I love your story hooked excited for a new chapter

Awwwww Thank You Baby :D I really Appreciate the kind words and support. PLease keep reading an THANK you for your feedback :))


Anonymous asked:

To my understanding, Nino doesn't feel the same about Lexxi. She might be number one, but she's still just another money maker, it seems. If this is true, it's not her place to check him on what he's doing. He makes the rules and she follows. I fuck with this story heavy though

RIIITTTEEEEEE!! Go head now lol

Thank you hun for the feedback and support!! :))


Anonymous asked:

look like Lexxi got a lil some some going with Messiah on the low ! but she should have checked Nino for what she walked in on even though she got a lil jewelry

I think it’s more like Messiah Has a lil thing for Lexxi ;) But DEF. Nothing should have got in the way of her checkin the situation and the fact that he didn’t care speaks volumes.

Thank you Hun For your Feedback :D

tinametcalf asked:

I was a little behind but all caught up now. Amarian us wrong for suckin Nino's dick. Especially since Lexxi is the only friend she really has.

That’s is sooooooooooooo true. But when money is your motivation should it stop for ‘friends’?

Thank you For the Feedback Tina :)

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